Sunday, May 4, 2008

All That Stuff

Saturday was fun. I took a lot of photos, had a subpar pork burger, and a massive headache from being out in the sun too long.

The best pictures are of the kids playing field games. They're adorable.

If you tell a teenage girl that you'd like to take her photograph to put in a magazine, her reaction is invariably, "Noooo! I look awful!" If you ask to photograph a teenage boy he says, "Cool!"

Yes. These girls are Amish. Yes. The girl in peach does have a cell phone.

After that I went shopping. I love to shop, but there are three things it's almost impossible for me to find: dress clothes, jeans, and purses. I'm super picky about all three. I've been shopping for dress clothes for two years without finding any that I like. Yeah. Sad. So I found a nice shirt and two purses and I felt pretty good about that.
Today I went to Prof Davis' funeral. There was a display in the hall of photographs and of his art projects. It was really weird to see pieces that used to hang in his office and know that Prof Davis wouldn't be popping around the corner to tell the stories behind them.
I never cry at funerals, the closest I've ever come before was at a stranger's funeral. I don't know why that made me want to cry more than my grandparents' funerals. But I definately teared up when Prof Nieter spoke. After that I half listened and half thought about other things. The screen saver playing on the projector, the stained glass in the windows, people's clothes. I've seriously never even come close to crying at a funeral before.
I think some of the best sermons are at funerals. Maybe it's just because it's easier to care about God when we need assurance that someone we care about is with Him, but even so. The sermon was about how God is with us. I don't know, I guess at CCC sometimes we talk so much about God's feels like God is far away being great and being glorious, but not being here. I know that isn't the intention at all, but it's still how it comes out for me. Anyhow, Psalm 23 might be over used...but it's nice to remember that in all His glory...God is still the God who led David besides still waters and comforted him in the shadow of death.


Crystal McCoomb said...

I see what you meant about the Amish, although it still shocks me that their culture is changing so much. I'm sorry if I sounded cheeky about your knowledge of them before. I didn't know you worked with them.

I hardly ever cry at funerals either. I think it b/c of the funerals I've been to have been of people who were ready to go and I knew where they had gone. I think I'd rather have a funeral celebration then a mournful one. I didn't know this guy, but I know people who worked with him and said he would be missed.

God is close, is He? Sometimes it doesn't feel that way, but He has promised us He would be. Sometimes that's the only comfort that seems worth living on.

So, amen sister!

Melody said...

No worries, you weren't cheeky at all.

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