Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So, here's the thing. Nothing happens.

Every day I get up and get ready for work. At work I design countless advertiserments, lables, catalogs, and business cards. On Wednesdays we have meetings.

I eat the same thing for lunch every day. Not just because I'm lazy, but because it is actually the only thing I want for lunch (PB & J, an apple, and water or juice). I sit in my car with the heat running and read a book for the hour that I have off. I could eat in the break room, but that doesn't feel like a break.

After work varies a bit more, but not much. I go home and watch a movie or I go to Robin's and watch a movie or television. Television, when you do not have it, is pretty much amazing.

But, that doesn't leave me with anything much to write about.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm re-designing lables for an customer who fancies herself an amature designer. The way that she uses text isn't bad, but her color combinations are enough to make you cry...or run screaming from the room because your retna just caught fire.I have to take lunch at a normal hour because someone is coming to redesign their catalog in the afternoon...and it will take all afternoon. At least I know I won't be bored?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

There are way too many things to do today.

I need to mail my relatives their extrodinarily belated Christmas gifts ( my aunt has been known to send gifts up to sixt months after the occassion, so technically I'm still in the clear).

I also need to get the tire patched on my car. Every single time that I visit my parents the pressure is too low. Yet it's been nearly a month since I visited the last time and it is still I keep putting it off.

I also need to clean out my car. Again.

But I'm not doing any of these things. I'm blogging instead.
The onyl thing I've actually worked on is my art project for the Art Expo. It finally has a layout. And I'm half way done with another panel. I've changed my color scheme five times. And then I changed it back.
Then I checked the deadline for the art expo...realized it was nearly two weeks later than I thought it was...and I decided I didn't have to finish the entire project today if I didn't feel like it.

I also called the police on my neighbors, who informed me that they didn't care what the f- I did, they were still going to play their music how they wanted. Apparently they've developed a preference for the quiet life, because I didn't hear anything from their apartment after that.

Now, I think I will get a chai...and read. Because it's Saturday...and I can.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Robin and I watched American Idol the other night. We've decided that we should be the judges because our comments are ever so much wittier than Simon's. Sadly, we have no accents and I suspect that is the real reason why he's on the show because the only three adjectives he knows are "rubbish", "awful", and caberet"

As always we are amazed at the number of contestants who 1) Believe that they can sing even when three or four (they have guest judges this year?) people who are known for finding singing talent tell them that their performance wasn't good.

One young man criticized Simon's use of the word "rubbish" (I criticized it too, he should have used something harsher) saying, "What is that? The British word for trash? Who uses that word?" Anyone with a vocabularly? Good heavens. The fool went on to berate Simon for daring to come to America and say who should be an "American Idol", he demanded to see Simon's working visa.
"That," said Robin, "Is why people hate Americans." Probably it is. How on earth can someone believe that they know more or are better than someone simply because of the soil they are born on? Obviously Mr. Cowel (sp?) is a recognized authority in his field, but contestants who have nothing to recommend them continue to criticize him for being British. It's worse than when they think he doesn't have ears because he can't sing.

We were also amazed by people who 2) believed that they should be let into a singing contest...even though they cannot sing.

One girl came on, sang, declared she knew she couldn't hold a tune in a bucket, and demanded they let her on the show anyhow and teach her to sing. When they declined her generous offer she told them how rude they were, stalked out of the room, and ranted again to the camera about how just because people couldn't sing didn't mean they weren't important and how the judges were out to 3 am drinking the night before and how that was rude.

A couple of other girls believe that the judges should let them in because of how many people expected them to get in. They begged and cried and believed that their world was ending.

Many, many people told the judges that they were making huge mistakes and that they would be sorry.

This is what, the sixth year of American Idol? I haven't watched every season (ok, so I've only seen two, but there's not alot that changes) but, I'm pretty sure that if the judges were going to be kept up nights by not letting in people with voices that can only be described as less-than-mediocre, it would have happened by now.

How is it exactly that people in group 1) are so self deluded? Or do they do it on their own? Are they helped along in their fantasy world by friends and family who wish to bouy them up with false hope? Or do these people, who should have locked them indoors until the try-outs were over, try to tell the lunatics that they cannot sing and are tuned out?

Why is it that people in group 2) believe that they are entitled to be in a contest for which they clearly do not meet the requirements? If it were for ages 3 and younger they certainly would not demand to be let in at age 24. But then again, I think people would try to enter a contest for people 18 and over when they are only 16. Women would definately try to enter a contest designated "for men only". When is it exactly that we begin the rules do not or should not apply to us?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Before my day became unbearably long, weighed down with the editorialish duties that may or may not be permanent, I was in a meeting at the office, which is not as tedious as it sounds.
We (and by "we" I mean my boss) have been making alot of changes to our primary publication. One of those changes being that people who used to get the rag shipped for free, now pay for it, and people who used to pay an exorbatant amount to have it mailed to them half price.

It's complicated, I'll save you the backstory.

The main point is that we thought people were going to throw a fit about having to pay for what they used to get for free.

But they haven't. We actually got two thank-you notes. One from someone who had gotten their rates cut, which made us feel like we were making a good choice, and another from a person who had to start paying and was thanking us for all the years they got it for free, which made us think may the 1,700 of them wouldn't all hate us.

It's just interesting, because I don't think that would happen in a normal community. I think people would be ticked off anyhow and write nasty letters to the editor.
As it's an Amish community, the worst that has happened is that more stores want to be drop off points (it's free when picked up from a store).

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There's a spiffy new contest for what apple's next product should be after the contreversial iphone (some other company already had the name). Some the entries are so-so, but some are hillarious... the ido engagement ring? In real I would so buy the Washing Mac-hine. The ihop jump rope is pretty cute too...but if it were real there would be the obvious legal entanglements.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Because I got tagged:

1. What’s the most fun work you’ve ever done, and why? (two sentences max)
Either designing or photography. It's a toss up.
2. Name one thing you did in the past that you no longer do but wish you did? (one sentence max)
Stayed up late and slept in late...every single day.
3. Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting it off? (one sentence max)
Get into clothing design.
4. What two things would you most like to learn or be better at, and why? (two sentences max)
Only two? Photography and playing the guitar...I can do both, but it's sort of low quality.
5. If you could take a class/workshop/apprentice from anyone in the world living or dead, who would it be and what would you hope to learn? (two more sentences, max)
I'd take public speaking and debate from Patrick Henry.
6. What three words might your best friends or family use to describe you?
Sarcastic, cynical, funny
7. Now list two more words you wish described you…
Mmm, graceful and brilliant
8. What are your top three passions? (can be current or past, work, hobbies, or causes– three sentences max)
To be really or really just art in general. Working with teens...Jr. High in particular, but highschoolers too. Um...I'm really a pretty dispassionate person once you get past those two, maybe family and friends.
9. Write–and answer–one more question that YOU would ask someone (with answer in three sentences max)
Question: "To what point and purpose?"
How I would answer: "I haven't the faintest idea."
Um, I don't know if I know two people with blogs that I can tag...

Lindsay, obviously...but after that I'm drawing a blank.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The new blog, ready and rearing to go (anyone else play Big Rig as a kid?).
Sadly, it has no place to go and for now will sit here all by itself, wishing it was cool like the other kids.

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