Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The colored lights brightly shine

I got pulled over this morning for going 17 over the speed limit. I explained to the officer that it was actually only 10 (well it was) and that's all he wrote me up for. Then he gave me a number I could call and if I say I want to "work something out" evidently the ticket will not get put on my record. I kinda envisioned picking up trash on the side of the road and that sounded wretched, but if it got me out of paying for a ticket I'd go for it. When I told the story at work I found out that actually they want MORE money for it to not go on my record. Extortion?


Emily said...

So your usual flash a smile and bat your eyelashes didn't get you out of it? Bummer.

Melody said...

Nah, I usually go for big innocent eyes and a shocked expression, "The speed limit is what? Oh my goodness!"

Or I cry.

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