Friday, February 9, 2007

Playing in Traffic

Lately I think that traffic is out to get me. Several times this week I have been tailgated. The only tailgater that resembled a normal vehical was a jeep. All the rest were semi trucks and at every stop I was convinced that they would smoosh my car and I flat.

On my way home yesterday I was horrified to see a truck barreling down my side of the road. It was only passing a buggy...but no matter how many times that happens I am always momentarily horrified at the site of it. It is just so alarmingly out of place.
Of course I cut things much closer than that truck was cutting it. I am convinced that when I die it will be trying to pass one of those buggies.

This morning I was delayed by a train that had broken down at the crossing. If it had moved three cars further we could have passed. But, I did read a lovely article on why ethanol is not a solution to foreign oil.


Robin Marie said...

I'm afraid of driving in front of tailgating semis. They were rather crazy on our way to Fort Wayne on Saturday...

Jonathan Erdman said...

For those not familiar with the "buggy"......The buggy is a horse drawn carriage, of sorts, except it's not really so much a "carriage" as much as it is a "buggy." The Amish folk ride around in them in these here parts.

And, yes, there are some dreaded moments when speedy and impatient drivers whip by and around these slow, little buggies.

Melody said...

Um...yes, thank-you for that clarification.

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