Monday, February 19, 2007

Buy a shirt, save the world.

The Washington post has a fascinating article on cause marketing. Don't have time to comment right now, but in brief cause marketing is when a company supports a social issue to sell their product. Probably the most noticable of these campaigns has been The Gap's Ispi(red) campaign. World magazine covered this trend a few months ago...I'll try to find that article at post it (you can only read it on the site if you're a suscriber) later.


Robin Marie said...

There is also a cell phone company, I can't remember which, perhaps verizon, selling a cell phone using the same technique. Some percentage of the money spent goes to "help solving AIDS in Africa."

Melody said...

Yeah, that's mentioned in the article too.

I suppose there's something to be said for companies that support causes...but, it seems wrong to only care about a disease if caring gets me a cool cell phone or candle(?!).

The t-shirts that say stuff on them I'm (very) slightly less bothered by...just because we are walking billboards and that is a way to raise awareness or make people think about it...but...on the other's still a gimic.

On the other hand, if I were dying would I care that the money curing my disease came from the sale of luxery items to rich yuppie children?

Robin Marie said...

no, probably not.

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