Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cereal Killer

When I was a kid my family didn't have much money so for the first five or six years of my life we ate oatmeal for breakfast...pretty much every morning. The only people in my family who like oatmeal are the siblings born after this period.

As I got older I came to hate, not just oatmeal, but all cereal and soon I was to the point where I didn't eat breakfast at all, which was fine since I didn't get up till ten anyway. But now that I get up forever early I find a little breakfast to be necessary.

For a while it was bagels all the time, because I can make those at work. But bagels are not healthy or filling and I keep reading about how people need to eat more fiber and how it's super filling etc., etc. I used to eat Kashi granola. It's really expensive and it looks like bird food, but it's supposed to be really healthy. I only managed to choke down two bags of it before I went back to my regular breakfast foods.

So the other day I decided to be healthy again and I bought some Kashi oatmeal. Lots of people eat oatmeal. It can't really be as bad as I imagine. Besides, look at all the fun flavors. My mom never bought the fun flavored kind, that's what our problem was.

Besides, I can make it at work and eat it at my desk. How bad could it possibly be?


Yesterday I guesstimated the water needed. I'm a grown adult. I can guess measurements now, can't I? No. No I cannot. When I rescued my cereal from the microwave it looked less like breakfast and more like I was trying to bake cookies. But since I, brilliantly, forgot how heinous our water smells and used it direct from faucet, less water is probably all for the best.
It still took me two hours to choke it down.

I decided that today I would not take any chance and would bring a measuring cup. Unfortunately I'm not the most alert person in the morning and certainly not up to keeping resolutions made nearly 24 hours before (or even remembering them). So I found myself with a coffee mug trying to figure out how much it holds (8 ounces?) and how therefore how full it needed to be to equal 2/3 of a cup (half?).

It actually turned out to be what I think is the right consistancy. It's still gross.


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