Saturday, March 31, 2007

I cleaned out my car today. The people at the garage rolled the miserable thing out into the parking lot and left it locked up so I could come and get what I needed.

I hit my head approximately twelve hundred and twenty five times during this forty minute project. Various people came and went, but the constant was my continious stream of, "Ow. Ouch. Oh bloody hell!"

I pretty much live out of my car, despite the fact that I do pay rent on an apartment, so there was a lot of stuff. My camera, my cds, other people's cds (beware cd lenders, I don't intentionally not return them, but they still don't come back), a smattering of the books I've read over the past six months (Beauty, A House Like a Lotus, Anne of Green Gables, Leave It To Psmith, and Wicked).

So now my new car looks exactly as my old one did. The main difference being that there is no bumper sticker (sad) and no trash (yet).

I spent a large chunk of the afternoon in Starbucks (that's right, the devil's lair) reading.
There's nothing like sitting two feet from freshly baked pastries to make you realize that you haven't eaten all day. Fortunately, I didn't have any money for that sort of thing, but it was kind of like death. Instead I ate a protein bar. It's supposed to taste like a fudge sundae, but it mostly tastes like the soy crisps that it's covered in.

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