Friday, April 20, 2007

black socks are never dirty

The laundromat is a weird place. There always seem to be a lot of guys at the laundromat I go to. I don’t understand why a bunch of men would want to hang out at the laundromat, but they’re always there, laughing and yelling in spanish, playing video games, watching tv, I’ve never seen any of them with actual laundry.

When I walked in a few days ago everyone was watching tv and it was pretty quiet because it was more news about the Virginia tech shootings. It was really tense, even though we’re several states away it’s hit people pretty hard. It was like the week after 9/11 only after 9/11 we all joked around about the news casters mustache and no one really felt like that in the laundromat.

When the news switched to some other story most went back to to their games or magazines, but the old man who was running the laundromat that night started talking about how Islamic people are trained from the time they’re children to be killers and how they go on living among us and one day something sets them off and they shoot everyone in sight. "But you don’t hear about that on our news!" he complained to the girl next to me, who was busy filling the room with smoke. The girl made eye contact and that was enough to set him off some more about how we weren’t being protected from "those Islamic people" as he pointed at the screen where Cho Seung-Hui’s picture was flashing across the screen again.
I wanted to scream, "He’s just some random Chinese guy! He is not islamic or part of the axcis of evil or on a jihad!" But I’m guessing that the old guy in his American flag baseball cap doesn’t distringuish that there are nationalities besides "white" and "dark".


Jonathan Erdman said...

Good post. A look into the Heartland of America.

Most people in the midwest do not blame Islam for something that a Korean does, but most become more fearful that "those darned Muslims" might do something similar in the near future.

Old guys like that often still describe blacks as "colored people." The culture can be very interesting to observe here in the heartland...

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