Sunday, April 15, 2007

will work for fiction

I don't know anyone lives without good fiction playing a large role in their lives. I have not read a new book in an entire week and already my life feels less worth while.

Because Indiana is a barren wasteland there are no book retailers in the area except for the itty Christian bookstores which, like the library, are not open on Sundays (and also, don't carry much good fiction) and the book/magazine section at Wal-mart (mostly magazines, and whatever was on the Time's best seller list two years ago).

I have an entire hour to kill, and I'm just not sure that I can make it.

In happier news, I bought my little digicam and can now take pictures any time I want without worrying about using up film or printing pictures that just didn't turn out right.

On the down side, I really wish I'd had money to buy a more expensive camera. I feel like I chucked half my life's savings at something that, ultimately, is not what I want.

However, I haven't fully figured out how it works yet. I'm positive that the camera has more to offer than it appears at present (for example, it has a 6x zoom and a macro setting, but appears completely unable to focus on anything when it is that close in...but I'm sure once I read the manual I will be able to make it do my bidding).

I wish it would hurry up and get warm outside, so I can have something nice to take pictures of!


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