Monday, May 14, 2007

Take a stand!

Apparently people are supposed to get about 25 grams of fiber in their diet every day. Up until a month ago I was probably getting about five. So I decided to be slightly more conscientious about what I ate. Whole grain bread and crackers., more fruit, that sort of thing. But it's a slippery slope my friends. Seemingly innocuous, the path of higher fiber content has led us here: high fiber yogurt.
"How could this happen?" the people cry, "All we wanted was a well balanced diet! Who could know this would go so wrong?" A balanced diet indeed, the next thing you know they'll want fiber in chocolate, or jello (actually, if you look in to church history there have already been a sinister sprinkling of fiber militants who commited this very outrage under our noses, some in positions of church leadership! The celery jello mold has been slipped into many an innocent potluck, luring in mature parishioners and children alike!).
Now is the time to stand! End this unnatural and immoral use of fiber and save your soul!


Robin Marie said...

That yogurt (at least the Dan Active one), is really really good. I tried some the other day. (sample at work)
And, my aunt used to make that celery jello stuff... none of us kids would touch it. She never understood why not.

Melody said...

The Light and Fit is revolting. It has ground up cereal in it (a fact which is on the packaging, but in really small print) and it tastes revolting. Unfortunately it only comes in four packs, so I have three more days of nastiness. Seriously, you know the flavored flourides at the dentist...those are down right tasty compared to this stuff.

I remember once helping myself to a good portion of jello, I thought the little bits inside were marshmellows...oh no...much to crunchy to be marshmellows.

Robin Marie said...

eww! flourides, huh? that's nasty.
I hate dentists.

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