Tuesday, May 29, 2007

home again, home again...

Had a lovely visit home.

On the way I spent an hour in Fort Wayne trying to find the book my mother said my sister had asked for, for her birthday. Also finding wrapping paper for her present and my mom's mother's day gift.

I got home and discovered that my sister already owned the book. She swore she never told my mother she wanted it...but I'm not sure how my mom would have come up with the author and title otherwise.

So that was kind of a (read: gargatuan) letdown.

Other than that the visit was lovely.

My youngest sister, Bethy, finally got her easy bake oven (Bethy is 18). My mom picked it up at the rumage sale because Bethy's never quite gotten over the fact that 12 years ago my mom wouldn't let her buy one at a garage sale. She brings it up as often as possible.

My little brother is trying to get a job...presumably so he can impress a girl...but so far no one's hiring 14 year olds.


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