Wednesday, August 29, 2007

...looking for adventure...

Months ago I was shopping and saw a beautiful bed that doesn't go with any of my furniture, so I couldn't justify buying it (especially as somewhere I think I have a bed). On the other hand somebody should own the beautiful bed. So when I heard that Robin was looking for a bed I told her about it and she quickly placed her order.

Which is how I found myself trying to keep various boxes of iron rods and such from flying off/out of Robin's SUV. The long pieces were put through the windows so that a bit was sticking out each side and there was tape over the open end, which the salesperson had assured me was crap and probably would not hold up. One of the large flat boxes fit in the cargo area, but the other was tied to the roof with twine. Initially it seemed that we'd done a good job securing the roof box, but after a few minutes we each had an arm out our windows trying to keep it from flying away.

I think we might had looked a little bit silly.


Melody said...

As I was driving down the road, I was thinking to myself, "WHAT are we doing to ourselves? How stupid can we possibly be that the SECOND day in a row, we do something horribly ridiculous... and don't stop ourselves!"
Obviously, I'm not sleeping. My night meds are NOT keeping me from coughing so I can sleep. Stupid doctor.

Robin Marie said...

shoot. Sorry Melody. I totally didn't realize you were still logged on this site on my computer. i feel icky.

Robin Marie said...

you should delete that first post of mine

Melody said...

Don't worry about it. I do the same thing, but if I delete the post then we won't have your wonderful comment...and the rest of these comments will make no sense at all.

What did we do on Tuesday that was horribly ridiculous? I only remember our non-coffee, coffee stop.

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