Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stream of Consciousness

I’m trying to decide what I should do tonight. I should be packing, but I have to tell you that sounds pretty lame right now. On the other hand, the end of August is rapidly approaching. On the other hand, I work better under pressure.

Now, another possibility is calling someone up and asking them to hang out. This hinges on said person’s availabilty, but I think I have at least one friend that would be available to do nothing with me.

The final possibilty is to commandeer Robin’s living room (mine being absent furnishings) and polish off my, er, Robin’s chic-lit novel while watching television and drawing. And eating. Eating is probably an important part of any of these scenarios.

Oh, and I have to go to the grocery, because I didn’t go yesterday and I need to replace the food I ate out of Robin’s freezer (don’t worry Robin, just the Dijorno’s pizza, I’m doing you a favor, that thing was freezer-burnt to hell). Plus, I don’t have any food of my own (hence my theft of the pizza).

Quite frankly scenario three is probably going to win as I am feeling both lazy and anti-social.
I think the youth leader seminar/retreat is happening this weekend. I’m excited to have our college leaders back, they’re a lot of fun. I was really impressed with them last year...smarter than the average college freshman...more mature too.

Speaking of college, my youngest sister is back in school this year. I feel bad for Holly, but at least she has that killer job at Chase. My sister is the poster child for a good work ethic.

Bethy’s still trying to figure out how to make her dreams of having a school yearbook come true, now that she’s hurdled the obstical of actually being at school. I want to have her and a few friends over for a weekend or something...so they can get away from campus, only one or two of them have family close by. And then Bethy can bake her own chocolate chip cookies!


Robin Marie said...

Lol. I was curious about the placement of the pizza. I hadn't remembered it being there. And you didn't have to replace it. Pizza is pizza. Sorry it was freezer burnt. :(

Melody said...

Yes, but it was your pizza and I ate it. You see how there's a sort of imbalance there.

lol, you're sorry that a pizza I stole was freezer burnt?

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