Friday, April 11, 2008


There are a lot of police out on the streets of the city I live in. They've been all over the place lately and they're completely worthless.

Robin and I were walking home from downtown. We started to cross a four way stop at the same time as a white car was slowing down to stop. We were almost across when the white car sped up and swerved to hit us! We ran out of the way, but Robin got the license plate number and we thought to note the street names and time.

When we got home we called the police. I told the woman that we'd got the license number. She asked where it had happened and the type of car. I told her the intersection and that the car was white but that I didn't catch the make and model.

She said, "Ok, well we'll put out patrol cars," and then she hung up.

Robin and I saw no less than four patrol cars on our walk. I don't see how they could put out more or what good it could possibly do. I wanted to give her the plate number, but she didn't take it. I wanted to call back and say, "HEY, we got the license number! Take it and run her plates!" but I feel a little weird about that.

Why do we have so many police out if they're not going to do anything?


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