Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Snap Judgements

My roommate's boyfriend is not the flower buying kind. He had to be yelled at (not by her) before he consented to buy her flowers for valentine's day. My roommate is such a clever person. She bought herself flowers one day. Then she left them out on our kitchen table in a pretty vase. Boyfriend arrives. First question on his mind, where are these flowers from? Who are these flowers from? When he voices his concerns she tells him that she had to go out and buy herself flowers. The pictures above are of the flowers he brought her the next day.

My roommate has an adorable and evil dog. She refused to look straight at the camera. The instant I have a camera in hand she runs away.

The shoe section at Target has always been bad, but this may be a new low. My sister demonstrates the pain and sadness that Target is causing.

Actually, I don't like most of the clothing at Target at all. I love their housewares and office supplies, but their clothes all seem strategically designed to flatter no-one.


Emily said...

I hate it when shoes are tied together. You can't really try them out. And pulling them out of a bin is always fun.

kontrabanda said...

those shoes... 20c import from China sold for ... $19.95?

Melody said...


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