Friday, June 20, 2008


Last weekend I made the mistake of taking a three mile walk in a pare of high heels.
Well, I couldn't find my other shoes.

My feet are mostly healed, but I've been having problems with my right knee and ankle lately so I haven't done much walking this week. Which is why I decided to drive to the coffee shop rather than walk tonight.

Coffee was lovely and so was the weather. Indiana can be dreary but today was gorgeous. I decided I could go for a little walk around town and take some photos. The weather really was beautiful and the sun was giving everything this great lighting...I couldn't resist.

So I walked around a bit, much longer than I meant to actually but I felt alright. Then I headed back to my car. Except that around the time I got to my car I wasn't thinking about my car at all. I walked right past it and was almost all the way to my house when I realized I'd driven to the coffee shop.


Emily said...

This weather is nice. Most days you can be outside for a pretty long time w/out the threat of bad weather.

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