Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ft. Wayne is Not My Friend

After I graduated college my parents moved from the house I grew up in out into the middle of nowhere. For a long time it was simply impossible for me to visit without first getting lost somewhere in the middle of Indiana.

Since my youngest sister, Bethy, goes to school in Ft. Wayne I usually pick her up the way and she usually had to endure a couple hours of, "No wait, maybe this road is the one that...oh, is Muncie on our way there?" No. Muncie is not.

I've been pretty good about it this past year though. We usually make it back in record time.
This weekend was not one of those times. When I got to her school we talked for...too long...about the school's looming demise. Then my sister announced that she had library books to return. "Ok we'll stop by the campus li- oh, the Ft. Wayne library. Oh it's close and easy to find well o-" No children. Close may describe the library, but easy to find. No.

It seemed easy on map quest. But in reality Map Quest doesn't seem to understand that a one way street...well it only goes one way. Makes it hard to turn onto if you need to go the opposite way. Then there was the fact that the roads did not actually intersect where Map Quest said they did.

Eventually we got out of Ft. Wayne, but not before I took the wrong road trying to leave.


Emily said...

Ugh. I've gotten lost in Ft. Wayne before... Ugh.

Robin Marie said...


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