Friday, October 10, 2008

In today's news

A while back I posted about a lady sentenced to public humiliation for stealing from Wal-mart.
She had to hold up a sign proclaiming her theft.

It's happened again. Except this guy rammed his car into a close gate while drunk. He has to hold up a sign saying, "I was stupid."


Crystal McCoomb said...

I watched
The Kite Runner" the other night and someone on there said that theft was the worst sin b/c every other sin was a kind of stealing- stealing honor, stealing someone else's life,etc.
I think I'd rather hold sign than pay in jail time:P Somehow sign holding doesn't seem that horrible to me. It could be b/c I've never had to do it before though.

Melody said...

I’d rather hold a sign too. Though in this case it was probably instead of paying a fine. I don’t remember now.

Crystal McCoomb said...

holding a sign beats paying a fine for sure!:)

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