Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So, here's the thing. Nothing happens.

Every day I get up and get ready for work. At work I design countless advertiserments, lables, catalogs, and business cards. On Wednesdays we have meetings.

I eat the same thing for lunch every day. Not just because I'm lazy, but because it is actually the only thing I want for lunch (PB & J, an apple, and water or juice). I sit in my car with the heat running and read a book for the hour that I have off. I could eat in the break room, but that doesn't feel like a break.

After work varies a bit more, but not much. I go home and watch a movie or I go to Robin's and watch a movie or television. Television, when you do not have it, is pretty much amazing.

But, that doesn't leave me with anything much to write about.


Robin Marie said...

You eat in the car with your heat running? How is that a break?

Melody said...

It's pretty comfortable, actually. More comfortable than sitting in a chilly McDonalds or Subway on those hard little benches.

And, I don't have deal with creepy old men trying to talk to me if I eat in my car.

When it's warm I eat at the park, but obviously the weather isn't so good for that right now.

Robin Marie said...

okay, I can see that. And the no creepy old men factor does make it better.

Jonathan Erdman said...

Yes. I would prefer the car to the break room or a restaurant. I used to sit in the car over lunch when I worked for Simplicity Pattern Company. (Yes, the sewing pattern company. Stop laughing...I said stop laughing!!! **sob, sob**)

Ok, back to point....

You don't need to have a life to blog. You simply need to invent an interesting life. Just pretend you are going through drama and write about it. Then we will all be fascinated and swept away!

Melody said...

Um, dare I ask what you did for Simplicity?

Inventing an interesting life is not the point of a blog though...if I wanted to do that I'd write a novel or, most likely, a short story...because I haven't the patience or the attention span to finish a novel.

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