Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Before my day became unbearably long, weighed down with the editorialish duties that may or may not be permanent, I was in a meeting at the office, which is not as tedious as it sounds.
We (and by "we" I mean my boss) have been making alot of changes to our primary publication. One of those changes being that people who used to get the rag shipped for free, now pay for it, and people who used to pay an exorbatant amount to have it mailed to them half price.

It's complicated, I'll save you the backstory.

The main point is that we thought people were going to throw a fit about having to pay for what they used to get for free.

But they haven't. We actually got two thank-you notes. One from someone who had gotten their rates cut, which made us feel like we were making a good choice, and another from a person who had to start paying and was thanking us for all the years they got it for free, which made us think may the 1,700 of them wouldn't all hate us.

It's just interesting, because I don't think that would happen in a normal community. I think people would be ticked off anyhow and write nasty letters to the editor.
As it's an Amish community, the worst that has happened is that more stores want to be drop off points (it's free when picked up from a store).


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