Saturday, January 27, 2007

There are way too many things to do today.

I need to mail my relatives their extrodinarily belated Christmas gifts ( my aunt has been known to send gifts up to sixt months after the occassion, so technically I'm still in the clear).

I also need to get the tire patched on my car. Every single time that I visit my parents the pressure is too low. Yet it's been nearly a month since I visited the last time and it is still I keep putting it off.

I also need to clean out my car. Again.

But I'm not doing any of these things. I'm blogging instead.
The onyl thing I've actually worked on is my art project for the Art Expo. It finally has a layout. And I'm half way done with another panel. I've changed my color scheme five times. And then I changed it back.
Then I checked the deadline for the art expo...realized it was nearly two weeks later than I thought it was...and I decided I didn't have to finish the entire project today if I didn't feel like it.

I also called the police on my neighbors, who informed me that they didn't care what the f- I did, they were still going to play their music how they wanted. Apparently they've developed a preference for the quiet life, because I didn't hear anything from their apartment after that.

Now, I think I will get a chai...and read. Because it's Saturday...and I can.


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