Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So Long My Friend

It's time to say goodbye to my bank account. I had a little collision with an SUV today (not my fault, but the police refused to say whose it was) and I have a feeling that my insurance is not for collision coverage. The other people say its' my fault and have witnesses who concurred with their assessment.

Originally I was pretty calm about this, but that is rapidly disintegrating into shakiness and inability to keep my lunch.

Do you ever notice that when you talk about relying on God's strength that you don't really do it? Somehow I just try harder and feel like that counts. In reality...I'm not even sure I know what relying on God looks like. Usually I just disolve into panic, God fixes everything anyway and I say thank-you or I try real hard to make things work out...finally give up...and God fixes everything anyway and I say thank-you. Either way it seems like this scenario should look different.

So, I have to file with my insurance company and apply for a credit card (so I can pay for the numerous repairs to my car - and possibly a rental) and...it's really frustrating...and not what I had planned for today.

Probably my boss is going to loan me his truck so I can get to work tommorow...reason number 5083 why I have the best boss ever.

Well children...have a better day than me.


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