Friday, June 1, 2007

I sleep in and I'm a klutz, and it's ruining my wardrobe.

Since I work a good 45 minutes from home I never eat breakfast before work anymore. I just keep a box of Kashi hot cereal and a box of disposable bowls at work.

Sadly, eating while you work means you can't concetrate very hard one of the two activities and work kinda has to win (since I'm obviously not doing work now). I'm not really sure how I manage to spill cereal on my shirt, I don't even notice it at the time and none of my co-workers feel the need to point it out to me. When I finally do notice it I have two options; I can let the stuff stay and dry on to my shirt, making it virually impossible to remove or I can wash it off in the restroom...where the water smells like rotten eggs.

The fact that there is a set of circumstances that makes, "Would you rather wear garbage or smell like garbage?" an actual question...makes me very sad.

In other "news" my co-workers are driving me nuts. My boss is gone and so now I have to be consulted about everything, because I'm the only other person who understands the software we use. And when a question is asked about the software, the nosy one has to come over and offer a sage "Oh, uh-hmmm". Has to. It's a reflex. Like when those sadist doctors whack you on the knees with their hammer.

And, my co-worker's teenage daughter is working here for the summer. I like her a lot. She's a very nice girl. But she has no idea how to do most of the stuff and it isn't like they've trained her, so every five minutes, "Mom, mom, mom, I don't know..."

I need a lunch break. I need it now. And it needs to have ice-cream.

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