Friday, July 6, 2007


I think my boss has been working with the Amish too long. He just ruined a beautiful he could add superfluous text. Ok...maybe it wasn't beautiful...but it was just right. Frustrating.
But since I have zero ability to speak up about things like will totally go to print that way.

We're also making the school calender and the kid's artwork and poetry from last year decorates it. The teachers picked out the artwork they wanted on the calender, but sent over every scrap of poetry the kids have done all year for us to sort through. The poetry is kinda filler. We have to have a picture from each school on every month, but we can mix it up with the poetry.

Unfortunatley my boss thinks that there is no objective way to decide which poetry is better than we picked these poems out at random. Some of it's rather good, others I believed were written by second graders until I realized that "7" indicates the grade...not the age.


Jonathan Erdman said...

Let's hope your boss doesn't find this post!

Melody said...

Meh, he won't.

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