Tuesday, July 3, 2007

"Hey There Delilah" always gets stuck in my head and I always endup walking around the house singing some sad emo guy's song, hating his girlfriend for inspiring the song and wondering what would posess someone's mother to name their daughter Delilah.

My sisters, hearing of my dislike for this song, put me on to this video.

So now, whenever that song pops in my head I think, "Oooh, you live up in a treeeee, oh you live up in a tree, you live up in a tree" and that just makes me laugh.

So today's lesson is that as long as a serious love song can be turned into a song about Cicadas we'll always know that there is a bit of good in all of us, even the fool who wrote that emo song and his silly girlfriend in New York.


Jonathan Erdman said...

Well, it seems as though he and Delilah never actually had a "thing" for each other. She is some kind of really talented athlete - a runner of some such sorts....anyway, they have never really been anything but friends and he wrote the song trying to impress her, but they never actually went anywhere....uh, ok - yes - my sister left her recent copy of People magazine in my car....

Melody said...

I think that makes it worse.

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