Monday, July 23, 2007

wedding bells and vacation days

Debbie, the girl who was my best friend between the ages of 5 and 12, is getting married. She met the guy on e-harmony or some other such site and apparently they are blissfully happy. All is well.

I never got an actual invite. That's ok...most of my friends that have gotten married...I haven't been invited to their weddings and really she means for me to come...I'm invited to dinner with the rest of my family after the I can only assume that I'm invited to the wedding itself (especially as my mother, who keeps in better touch with Debbie than I do, keeps insisting that I am). That's fine. Although, frankly, sitting down to dinner with friends after you've just gotten married sounds a little lame - even if I am one of those friends. Don't expect me to be hanging around if I get married.

In anycase, this is all periferal to the fact that she has placed this lovely event early on a Friday afternoon! I'm sorry, what? The happiest day of your life to be shared by all you love and you place it when most people are still only dreaming about clocking out?

Gee, I'd've done something more than a card but I don't have any money because I skipped out on work!

Not that it upsets me or anything.


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