Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forever 1990

Last weekend Robin and I went shopping. I took a lot of photos in Forever 21, which has some of the best and worst clothing in the mall.

We weren't sure about these little green shoes. They're almost cute, but I'm not sure how they would look with an actual outfit.

You know you owned a shirt like this in the early 90's.

Robin tends to like tops like these...all frilly and lacy. I'm not a lace person.

I hate this type of pattern. The fashion mags are calling it "Painterly", but to me it looks more like someone attacked this dress with a permanent marker.

I love the pattern on this dress. It's amazing.

This looks like the type of bag I would have been embarrassed for my mom to carry when I was a kid. Seriously, I knew people who owned this in the 90's. Why is it back - and why at Forever 21?

These shoes remind me of my first hideous pair of high heels. They belonged to my cousin in the '80s and I used to wear them around the house for dress up.


Emily said...

The music bag isn't great, but it does seem like a slight upgrade from its earlier form.

Melody said...

It might be, but I think I'd need a side by side comparison to actually know.

In any case I pretty certain it doesn't deserve a revival.

Maybe the company couldn't sell all those ugly bags the first time around and now that the 80s/90s are back they're unloading them into the market again.

Emily said...

Or maybe someone thought they had rid the world of them a while ago when they burned them, but some managed to escape, reproduce, and make their way into Forever 21.

Melody said...

Run free ugly music bags! Run free!

Emily said...

lol... I can see it now... Like Fantasia.

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