Saturday, July 5, 2008

Long Weekend. Long Day.

I got Monday off because of my birthday (yes, kids, my boss is still the best). I got Friday off because it was July Fourth. Three day work weeks are the best, ever. I may not go back to the regular sort.

Friday was a weird sort of day, but I spent a lot of it asleep, so I'll count it as a good one.

Today I got up super early (or 6:50 am) to buy stuff I needed & clean out my car. The latter action being completely unnecessary for today, but probably beneficial in the long term. I have to have deadlines to get anything done. If I don't have a reason to do something (aside from an arbitrary rule like "cars should be clean") it doesn't happen.

It was a perfect day for the canoeing & the river was beautiful. Jon thinks I didn't enjoy myself and Emily thinks she ran us into too many tree branches, but they're both wrong. I had a great time and the only real problem we had with trees was when I unwittingly left my oar in one.

Afterwards we had a fastfood picnic and then we all went home to sleep...except that it's my weekend to mow the I did that instead.

All that and I still have the joy of knowing that tommorow is not Monday!


Emily said...

Happy belated b-day!

Actually, knowing you like trees so much, I planned all of our "mishaps."

Melody said...

Thanks Emily!

Ha ha, well I guess I did get to see the trees much closer than I normally do!

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