Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holdays are delicious

Actually, I'm not all that big a fan of gingerbread. I like my sweets sweet. But, while I'm more of a sugar cookie girl, I like the idea of gingerbread.

I think I usually draw my people by themselves lately. It used to be I drew a lot of people together. One of my favorite things to draw was a whole crowd of people at a fair or the mall or skating rink. But lately they've been on their own. It's sort of understood that the person they're smiling at is just off the page, but even so...maybe I'll try putting a bunch of people together in my next card piece. Family togetherness and all that.

I'm going to try and print at least these two designs this next week. I'll be selling stuff at a little holiday craft fair on December 6 (get in touch if you want details, there should be a lot of good vendors) and hopefully getting up on in the next week or so.


Emily said...

I think I'm starting to get jealous of your drawing people. They almost always look perfectly happy, while looking perfect. (But I guess that's a good thing. Don't go drawing depressed mutants.)

Melody said...

Well, I can draw a full range of emotions, but I might actually be incapable of drawing ugly people. I'll blame it on the fact that they're all modeled a bit after my sisters and my sisters have never been ugly.

Crystal McCoomb said...

Yay for craft fairs and etsy!:)

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