Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter Wonder Girl

I'm designing my own Christmas cards. This is number one. I know it has nothing to do with Christmas actually...but honestly I can't do justice to angels or the nativity scene and the idea of drawing a bunch of children around a Christmas tree is a little nauseating, though maybe I'll give it a go one of these days.

Ironically, I love presents and happen to think that the nativity would be the main point of Christmas, but I hate snow. Still, the snow is pretty and while I'm not so puritanical that I believe religious imagery to be putting up idols I'm not sure that I care for the idea of a cartoon Jesus. So snow it is. Besides, when you have snow you can have cute coats and hats and gloves! And this way if I miss Christmas (as I am all too likely to do) they can just be nice wintery cards. Wintery cards are good too.


Crystal McCoomb said...


Jonathan Erdman said...

Yea, I love the card. Very nice. Very you.

And btw, I HATE thinking about Xmas! AAAaaahhh!

Emily said...

Miss Christmas? But why? [in a little girl voice from a Christmas special]

Melody said...

That's right Emily, Jon just needs a little Cindy-Lou Who to show him the light.

Thanks for the nice comments about the card, Crystal & Jon.

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