Monday, June 4, 2007

Is Amber there?

My week is off to a rip roaring good start. I woke up at 8:30 (two hours and 10 minutes later than I usually get up) to the sound of my cell phone. I thought it was work, but it was a wrong number. So I called work, where they were mostly just glad I wasn't dead. So I started to get ready...and nearly vomited all over everything. But not, so here I am at work, making my co-workers wish I was dead.

But the weekend was good. I spent way too much money and spending money is always fun. And I got to hang out with 'Chel, who was visiting from Deleware. And after 'Chel left I hung out with Robin and her friend, Tori, and Tori's daughter, Logan.

It was weird being around someone so young with a child. Most of the parents I know are older and have several children, so they've already figured out how they're doing things. I was really impressed with Tori, but it made me realize how glad I am that I don't have kids right now. I doubt I would be so patient.


Robin Marie said...

She does do a really good job. I was impressed, too.

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