Friday, June 22, 2007

Lost In Darkness

Lost In Darkness
Loneliness seems black.
Like I’m with people physically, but am on my own inside.
I see only shrouding darkness which consumes me.
I hear the laughs of other, but they do not affect me.
I smell only the nothingness of my rotting insides.
I touch the barrier that keeps me inside.
I taste the hope that someday,
someone will come and set me free of this horrific cage,
that is, myself.

by G. Taylor Warren, Grade 5

Robin and I were at the Pro-Life fest briefly on Thursday. For the past couple years Teen Hope Line has had a booth their and we stopped to talk to the interns running it, who gave us a sheet of statistics about teens. The sheet basically told us whatevery one already know...there are a lot of very depressed teens out there.

Stumbling across this akwardly honest poem is a lot harder than glancing over a list of numbers.


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