Thursday, June 28, 2007

At Random

...and God bless mommy, and daddy, and all the people who work in customer service and thank-you that I'm not one of them. Amen.

I hated working customer service. Sometimes my current job is frustrating, but this morning I was reminded of how awful work used to be. We screwed up some lady's ad...well, we didn't run it and the publication's already gone to press.

Our office manager had to call the lady and inform her that the ad would not run. It turns out that the lady was pretty nice about it since we gave her money back and offered to run the ad for free in a different publication, but that does not negate the initial fear and trepidation that one has to go to when calling. You never know if a customer is going be kind or eat you for dinner.

It's good times in the office right now, because no one else is here. I have the radio cranked up and Avril's admonishing some guy to ditch his girlfriend for her. I thought Avril was married.

Don't those songs get old? I mean, you can never have too many love songs because nearly everyone is in love (or thinks they are) at some point in their life, but how many girls are there who are actively trying to steal someone else's boyfriend?

I do know a lot of girls who like these songs...but they're not usually girls who could be singing about how the other girl is so ugly and stupid. Not without being openly mocked anyway.

I'm visiting the family this weekend, and because my boss is amazing and gives us our birthday's off I get to leave tonight. We had everything planned out, but unexpected things keep happening, so I don't really know what we're doing at all.

My little brother is flying out for Haiti on Friday, it'll be fun to see him off on his first mission trip. We might go to Jungle Jim's after and pick up some goodies. Huzzah for international groceries!

Saturday we were going to go to the creation museum, but I got an invite yesterday to go to a friend's baby-shower, so I'll probably spend Sat. picking up a gift and then mingling with a bunch of people I don't know (we had mutual friends in high school, but almost none of them live in the area anymore, but if Tracie comes with her baby, I will be completely psyched).

Sunday is all the joy of going to my parent's church. In high school I stopped coming to youth group after having been heavily involved in it for the past 5 years...and for three months no one noticed. Awkward.

But I hear the new preacher is good.


Robin Marie said...

Okay, in all honesty, I love that song. And yes, she's maried, but she's targetting people who are not married, and to a certain degree she's continuing with the theme that she started in her earlier cds.

Glad you had fun at home :)

Melody said...

A lot of people like that song. I know, it's that good stuff.

It annoys me when artists sing stuff that isn't...them...

I know Avril's been doing that all along, her entire image was made up by her manager, before that she was singing gospel.

Just think...cheesecake tommorow...and my mom sent me home with some lasagna... do you like lasagna?

Robin Marie said...

i love lasagna.

and I'm pretty sure I love your mom, too.

Jonathan Erdman said...

how many girls are there who are actively trying to steal someone else's boyfriend?

Ok, here's my question: how many girls are not trying to steal someone else's boyfriend? It's the-grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side thing, applied to high school, valley girls.

Avril's getting rich. I suggest starting a fake blog imitating her. Try to cash in on her fame.

Melody said...

I never knew anyone to even attempt stealing someone's boyfriend in highschool.

Which is actually kinda impressive when you consider that highschool played out very much like Mean Girls.

Ok, so Avril's rich, but would writing her blog somehow make me rich? Probably not.

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