Friday, September 14, 2007


I hate business people.

Like I told you, it was weird that the man was calling and offering me free popcorn two and a half months after the photo was published, but basically I think he was hoping to get some free photography. He kept talking about things he'd like photos of and asked if I had my camera right there. I don't do freebies, so I lied and told him I didn't have my camera with me.

Don't worry though kids, it doesn't show up on God's sin radar if you lie to a business man, because they don't have souls.

He then mentioned a book he wants to sell. It would be pictures of the area during each month of the year - various attractions. He asked if I'd take pictures for it and I asked if he'd pay me. He said he would, but looked startled. That, children, is what is called a bad sign.

He asked if I did free-hand drawing and went on forever about this story he wants to get made into a book. He asked if I'd bring over a sample drawing sometime. And offered me more popcorn if I did. Because everyone likes to get paid with popcorn.

I told him he'd have to talk to my boss. Kids, this is a good example of smart. He looked really startled then.

My grandmother worked with this type of person her entire life. I love my grandmother, but she was swindled more than a few times. Obviously some of her clients were more ethical than others, but my grandmother should be a wealthy person, rather than a woman fighting to pay for office space.

And in spite of our widely varied locations and subject matter, I just can't help but feel that business people are the same anywhere, in any field. Now obviously there are people who own/run businesses who are not immune to the dementor's kiss, but they're not business people, they're just in business. There's a difference.

People shouldn't mess with my lunch break. Popcorn.


Emily said...

Because everyone likes to get paid with popcorn.

Of course! If I had it my way, I'd get a huge barrel of popcorn on my desk every other Monday. No money. No checks. Thank you very much.

Beautifully Profound said...

Why not make it peanuts for goodness sake! I would have told him that you were sorry but you were booked up with jobs that paid you for real.

Melody said...

Well if he wants to ask my boss to produce his book that's fine with me, then I will get payed. If the man asks me again I'll tell him I charge $80 an hour for freelance.

My boss only charges $35 an hour for artwork - which is way cheap.

Robin Marie said...

That is way cheap. And the $80 an hour charge would be well worth it... by that, I mean, it would be realistic for your time and effort.

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