Friday, September 7, 2007

Kung Fu for Jesus

I was going to post something all introspective about impatience and worry, but I saw this and knew the theme had to change.

In additions to people's blogs I browse a couple message boards and someone posted this in hopes of inspiring other people to post absurdities as well, but mostly what they got were a bunch of "wtf?!" posts, because...its really hard to top a book that sells Christian exercise.
I do like the golf balls and fishing bait with bible verses on them (perfect for father's day!)
And I've always been fascinated by the decorative crown of thorns. Decorating with torture devices does have a certain macabre appeal.
But honestly, the defies all of these. It really does.
So I just want to congradulate Laurette on a whole new level of seperatism.
Why should the devil have all the good exercise?


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