Thursday, September 20, 2007

So we went to Lowe's today to buy a fridge and check out paint samples.

We're pretty much basing our living room color scheme around these lamps that Robin bought at Pier1. Two walls are going to be a medium-light aqua and two are going to be a very, very pale tan. It will be amazing.

I also think we need new light fixtures. The two upstairs bedrooms have lights like in the center photo. The left photo if the living room and in the downstairs bedroom is Ugly Betty (right). If we can't get Robin's bed up the staircase of doom, that's where she'll be.

I also think we should get a new shower head...because this one looks like it was made out of a tin can.


Beautifully Profound said...

I am excited for you and your moving into a new place! As far as the shower head goes. That one does look like it was made out of a tin can and poked with a philips head screwdriver. But, those types of shower-heads are awesome because they are so wide they envelope you in steamy hot goodness. Instead of a narrow stream of non-steamy goodness. Good luck with your paintin' love the colors too.

Emily said...

Exciting! I would have never thought of the color combo, but it sounds good. Good luck w/ the stairs.

Robin Marie said...


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