Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Every five years or so my parents try to do something nice for their anniversary.

It never works.

First my brother broke his wrist playing soccer (and didn't realize it for a good 24 hours) and the parents have to take him to the hospital today to get a cast instead of leaving for Tennessee. Plus they'll be doing it in a rental car, since some kid ran his car into theirs.

But mostly we're just glad that Daniel didn't hit either his head or his wrist in the crash (which wasn't bad - aside from some bruises everyone in our car was fine, the other guy's girlfriend hit her head on the windshield, but probably she just needed stitches).

On the headache front, he does have chronic migranes. The doctor told my mother that MRIs are just for anxious parents - but given our family's history of tumors and especially braintumors she told the doctor she would go ahead and be an anxious parent, thanks.
Daniel also has a slight heart murmer and possibly some kind of syndrom associated with it...involves being tall and thin and having big hand and feet and having a heart murmer, but the tall and thing thing runs in the family...though it skips a person here and there...so we're not worried much.

On the more cheerful front Robin and I get to start moving tommorow. And I got a raise! I didn't think I would, so I'm pretty phsyched. I also talked my boss into re-checking about getting company health insurance - which would be amazing.

These are the little things that keep me happy. That and going to the mall.


Beautifully Profound said...

YAAAAAY for moving and a raise!!! BOOOOO for dumb drivers, your brother breaking his wrist, and your parents not being able to go on their anniversary thing!

All the bad stuff seems to always come in threes.

Emily said...

I'm sorry about the accident. The move sounds exciting.

Robin Marie said...

wow. that's scary stuff. yay raise.

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