Monday, March 3, 2008

etsy - again

The more cute things I find on Etsy, the more dangerous life becomes. Because unlike the mall, I can buy something off etsy any time of the day. :O

But since I can't buy everything I love, I can at least talk about it on my blog.


I think these slide tins from LittlePutBooks are adorable. You can get two for $7 and have your pick of 12 different patterns. They're 1” x 3” x .29” and the perfect size for small gifts.

LittlePutBooks also sells some really cute pendants, which come in slide tins, for your gift giving convenience.

But mostly I just love the tins.


I think these pendants from Madison Reece are terribly cute. At $10 they're not a bad buy, but you'll have to come up with some ribbon or order a $6 chain.

Bijoujuju makes these great graphic pendants. The ones pictured above are being sold as a group for $12 because of slight imperfections. Normally one of these suckers costs $18, but comes with a silver chain. I like them alot.

There's also all kinds of other jewelry, but I definately think the pendants are the best of the lot.


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