Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

Got to my parent's on Thursday, where my family refused to greet me until Lost finished.

Friday afternoon - Holly, Bethy, and I went to the brand new Ikea store. It was pretty much amazing. The second floor is pretty well entirely a showroom where all sorts of rooms are set up to be walk through. We mentally redecorated our homes in Ikea and Bethany declared that she was going to teach her children about their Ikean heritage and tell them stories of how her family immigrated from Ikea (and started pronouncing it Ike-y-a rather than I-kia).

It's probably a good thing that I've predetermined that no money can be spent on this trip. I woud have bought a lamp and curtains (such cute curtains!) and a desk. I will probably buy all these things anyway, but the point is that I shouldn't do that now.

After our delightful Ikea excursion we went to Dave & Busters. For those who haven't gone, Dave & Busters is a restaurant with massive gameroom. Like Tokens-n-Tickets, but huge, expensive, and so much cooler.

When we were ready to leave, Holly thought she'd lost her keys and we spent an extra half hour looking for them and alerting all the staff to look for them. But Holly had a spare, so finally we just went out to the car to drive home...and Holly discovered that she'd really had the keys all the time.


Robin Marie said...

I loooooove Dave and Busters, but I'm really not much of a fan of Ikea. I feel like I'm surrounded, and it makes me dizzy (at the least the one I've been to does). But I'm glad you liked it.

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