Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

So Holly and I drove down to see our friend in rehab. From what we'd been told we expected the congregation to be so black that we would glow, but there were a lot of hispanic and white people. Everyone was really friendly so, even with all the dancing and speaking in tongues, I didn't feel awkward at all. Perhaps I that was an oversight on my part.

The service was two & a half hours long. The only song I knew was Stomp and that's only because Micah loves that song. The Sermon didn't seem to have a topic and the pastor didn't have notes. He preached against alcoholism, drugs, prostitutes, gluttony, and narcicissm...he preached love, forgiveness, the importance of scripture and reliance on God, all as he thought of them. He told a lot of jokes and stories. He quoted scripture, but he didn't have a bible so I think he memorized it all (!) and inserted it as needed.

We didn't get to sit with our friend though and in the end we spent four hours total time just to spend 15 minutes with her over lunch. We thought we'd have at least an hour, so that was hugely dissapointing. Even so, I haven't seen in her in five years and it was great to see how good she was doing. Besides, she was really thrilled that we came, so you know...that makes it worth it.


Emily said...

I'm glad you could do that!

Robin Marie said...

wow long. I'm not sure I'd have made it through the two-and-a-half hour long service. Sounds like you had fun, though. And how could you think that she wouldn't be happy to see y'all?

Melody said...

It's been a weird seven years. We didn't know what to expect.

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