Friday, March 14, 2008

Yukon Ho!

The Yukon Song

By Bill Watterson
My tiger friend has got the sled,
And I have packed a snack.
We're all set for the trip ahead.
We're never coming back!

We're abandoing this life we've led!
So long, Mom and Pop!
We're sick of doing what you've said,
And now it's going to stop!

We're going where it snows all year,
Where life can have real meaning.
A place where we wont have to hear,
"Your room could stand some cleaning."

The Yukon is the place for us!
That's where we want to live.
Up there we'll ge to yell and cuss
And act real primitive.

We'll never have to go to school,
Forced into submission,
By monstrous, crabby teachers who'll
Make us learn addition.

We'll never have to clean a plate,
Of veggie glops and goos.
Messily we'll masticate,
Using any fork we choose!

The timber wolves will be our friends.
Well stay up late and howl,
At the moon, till nightmare ends,
Before going on the prowl.

Oh, what a life! we cannot wait,
To be in that arctic land,
Where we'll be masters of our fate,
And lead a life that's grand!

No more of parental rules!
We're heading for some snow!
Good riddance to those grown-up-ghouls!
We're leaving! Yukon Ho!

I've been really happy with the past few days of comparative warmth, so when I went over to Kiran's today I was completely ready to agree to a walk. Ours was really a treck through fields of bog and ice. Rubber boots may be the most brilliant invention ever, with them I managed to make it through our walk without getting soaked at all. Kiran had a hole in one boot and is singularly gifted at finding the deepest spots of the bog. She did not make it through the walk dry.

I really wish I'd brought my camera. I mean, I would have feared for it's safety at every second, but there was amazing light out there and some spectacular pictures just waiting to be taken.
We came back and watched August Rush. I enjoyed it while I was watching it, but you walk away feeling it's rather odd.

But, the little boy (Freddie Highmore - Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is cute and if nothing else Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who you will remember from...well, nothing, has the most amazing accent ever.


Robin Marie said...

I figured it out! I know why I know that name! Jonathon Rhys Meyers is an uber-famous actor (not here, of course) who recently did something incredibly stupid and whose mother recently died, so I had to post about both those things.

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