Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Throw Pillows and Fascist Dictators

I love these pillows. I want them.

Of course they're silk and completely impractical for a house with an evil dog it.

We think that in a former lifetime the dog lured small children to their doom.
Clearly the pillows would be goners.

They're still pretty awesome.

I realize that often times my blog is now one giant Etsy advertisement. But my life is boring and shopping never gets old.

The weekend is kind of a blurr. I was sleep deprived.

Last night Robin and I went for coffee in Elkhart. We were really dissapointed to see that the city is no longer half underwater.

I also tried to make my new computer game, Sim City Societies work. The game is kind of dissapointing even if it really worked. I was expecting something much more sophisticated.

But as it is, Sim City Societies rarely runs for more than five minutes at a time before it freezes and locks up my computer.

Way to go Maxis!

I don't even know why I bought the game. It's not like I need yet another way to waste my time. But The Sims 2 doesn't function (again Maxis and EA Games, thanks for the quick help in getting that back up) and I suppose that left a void.


kontrabanda said...

Those pillows are GORGEOUS! I am in a very home decorating mood since we came here with two suitcases each. EVERYTHING has to be bough. I never said it's a bad thing... :) :)

Melody said...

Manditory shopping. I like it :)

Robin Marie said...

I LOVE that bluish pillow. I think it's gorgeous. *wants*

Anonymous said...
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