Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Might Become a Nun

A very, very different type of nun - but still with the whole single thing going.

So...I met this guy online. He lives in the area, seems nice, I told him we could meet sometime. Well, subsequent to that, I've realized that this is a horrible idea.

He's nice, but really-clingy. I wasn't online one night and he said he missed talking to me and then I wasn't online for two nights and he thought I blocked him?

So, he's still expecting a date. Should I go on the date and hope he says, "Ew you're a fat cow, why would anyone date you?" (it's never happened, but that only increases the odds of it happening on this date, wouldn't you say?) or am I allowed to be honest and say that even now I can sense that this is a bad idea?

I mean...better now than later, yes?


Emily said...

If you're sensing it, go w/ it. I had a situation earlier this year, and my gut ended up being right.

Robin Marie said...

You know what I think. The clingy thing annoyed me even when you were just telling me about it.

Beautifully Profound said...

Ok, clingy can be good when it is presented in the right manor. Like snuggling up before bed or missing the person you are in love with. But there also is clingy in the stalkeresque manor of speaking. That's what this fellow sounds like. I would break things off before he gets anymore "attached".

Melody said...

Ok would one go about breaking things off.
"I'm sorry,I barely know you and yet you get on my nerves," seems a bit harsh. He's probably a nice person, so I'd like to not crush his soul (being blown off by someone who doesn't even know you seems soul crushing).

So do I just do a, "I don't have time right now" and hope he gets the hint?

I almost never deal with guys whose feelings I wouldn't like to bruise, so this is sort of an odd situation for me.

Emily said...

I'd say the pieces (or all) of the truth gently. What you told us... "You seem like a nice guy. I had fun talking with you. But I didn't like it when you started to act clingy."

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