Sunday, December 16, 2007

My sister and I have had a great time. We've watched a lot of movies and tv. Even movies and tv are better with my sister.

Yesterday we went to pizza hut for lunch. Holly and Bethany are about the only people in the world who agree with me on pizza toppings. "Only you could have so many friends who don't like pepperoni pizza," Holly told me.

Then we went ice-skating at a park. I think it only makes sense that if I am with my, very young looking, sisters that I should look older in comparison. But I don't.
When we tried to pay the $5, over-18, non-resident price the grumpy man at the counter glared at us, "How old are you?" I inform him that I'm 24 and he narrows his eyes and says, "Both of you?" Holly rolls her eyes, "I'm 22." He glares at us again, "24 & 22?" Because obviously we must be 16 year olds pretending to be 18 so we can deviously pay two extra dollars.

The ice-rink as a multitude of rules. No cell phones on the ice. No food or drink. If you need a ride call 20 minutes before the rink closes. No speed skating. No figure skating. Etc.

There were three 18-20 year old guys wearing "rink gaurd" jackets who apparently enforce these rules. Evidently there are no rules against small children sliding across the rink on their bellies.

When we got home we made soft chocolate ganache and heated it up. The world's most decidant hot chocolate. Then we broke out the Tim Tams. Tim Tams are Australian cookies, coated on the outside with chocolate or carmel filling on the inside. They're commonly had with coffee or hot chocolate. You bite off both ends, dip it in your beverage, and use it as a straw till the insides cave in. Then you pop the whole thing in your mouth. With chocolate ganache it's so delicious that you practically die on the spot.

Today we woke up to mountains of snow outside our door. We took a hike to the main roads to see how clear they were. Then I (with a little help from Holly) locked my keys in my car. While it was running.

We spent an hour and 40 minutes trying to break in with a coat hanger. And then we called a locksmith, who opened it in a minute and a half.

After that we spent an hour digging out Holly's car so she could drive home. I spent the next two digging out mine.

I tend to not miss people until they're around. It's only at that point that I realize how sad it is that I don't see them more often. It was really nice to have Holly around.


Emily said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time. Everything sounded great (except for the bit about the keys and the snow).

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