Saturday, December 29, 2007

On the road again...

It's my last full day of visiting my family. That's always hard. Mostly I don't miss people when they're gone, but when I'm with them I miss them like crazy.

All our plans fell through this week. I couldn't visit my friend in rehab because only family can visit. I'm practically family. We grew up together, but there's this little thing of not having the same relatives. I can write her though as long as I send the letters to her mum to delivery when she visits.

We couldn't go geocaching because Holly and Bethany have conflicting work schedules - but we did manage to go to the movies together. We're still hoping to get some stuff in though, Daniel and I have a soccer game to play, at which he is going to beat me brutally because I haven't played soccer in an eternity and even then I wasn't good at it. And we hope to have a bonfire tonight so Bethy can burn the manuscripts of all the most tragic books she's had to review.


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