Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh Fudge!

So I'm trying to make fudge for the youth group kids and leaders. Problem is that most of it didn't turn out very gift worthy.

It tastes good, but it doesn't look very pretty.

I'm gunna try again tommorow.


Beautifully Profound said...

It kind of looks like peanut brittle. Maybe you should just bake some cookies?

Beautifully Profound said...

^^^^to add to the above comment. I never made fudge before. Maybe you will perfect it on the second try..what kind of fudge were you making?

Melody said...

It's peanut butter fudge, hence the resemblance to peanut brittle when it's hacked into little pieces.

It cut it before it had cooled completely so it cut badly. I'm going to try again tonight and let it set longer.

Emily said...

I do tend to be perfectionistic when I attempt to make food that I'll be sharing with non-family. But just put it in clear bag w/ pretty ribbons on top, and no one will care.

Melody said...

Good idea Emily!

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