Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tales from Amishland

  • Cheapness is a disease that afflicts men in greater numbers than women. We run into it from time to time at the office, when people sell a $30,000 piece of equipment and then call for a $3 refund because it sold before the ad ran out. I don't know how common this illness is among the Amish, but it is an Amish man who wins the "most creative" catagory.

    This particular man spread his address around to every mailing list he could find. At one point in time he had so much junk mail coming to his house that the postal service had to send out a seperate truck to deliver it all! Naturally this aroused some curiosity, which is how it was discovered that this man was tightly bundling the mail together and burning it to heat his house!

  • Driving home involves dodging Amish people in buggies, on horses, tractors, or on foot. But yesterday my coworker had to dodge an Amish man on a bike....pulling a horse. Various theories have been offered as to why - but it's not really possible to explain the Amish.


Emily said...

I don't know if I'm impressed or the opposite of impressed w/ the creative method of free heat.

And maybe the other guy wasn't necessarily pulling the horse, but he needed to ride his bike somewhere while taking the horse somewhere, and this way the horse would follow him. My theory.

Melody said...

Yeah - I think your theory is the most popular/probable.

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