Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh, it's Monday

I do appreciate not hearing "Hey There Delilah" every eight minutes, but there really aren't enough good Christmas songs to merit an all Christmas music station. Especially when they feel the need to jazz up the good songs. I want Have Your Self A Merry Little Christmas to be sung by Judy Garland. Could Bing Crosby pretty please be the only one to sing White Christmas? That would be great. If the Christmas Shoes song could never-ever be played again that would make my year.

I got a call from my sister, Holly, the other night. She was supposed to come up yesterday, but it's been postponed in favor of having a Saturday available to spend together.

Mostly Holly and I are vastly different. We look nothing alike causing great confusion to people who think we're merely friends who argue and hang out all the time. Holly is loud, impulsive, and extroverted. People love or hate her. Usually love. We usually solve problems differently, even when our end goal is the same. But we tend to have the same thought process. In youth group they banned us from being on the same Taboo team together, because we could guess the answer off hints like, "You know" and "That thing!" In highschool our family got a DSL connection allowing us to chat online at the same time. One of our online friends told us there wasn't a point because we said the exact same thing - often within seconds of each other.

It's been a long time since I've gotten to hang out with her apart from the rest of the family, so it's going to be awesome that she'll be here for several days.


Robin Marie said...

yay Christmas songs

Emily said...

Playing a game of Taboo on a team opposite you and your sister probably would be frustrating.

Concerning the Delilah song, there's a few great parodies on youtube. One called "Hey Aunt Jemima" and another called "Hey There Khalilah." Much better than the original.

Emily said...

the aunt jemima one posted by jccuret

Melody said...

People didn't even like being on our team - because they never got a chance to play. Pff.

Last year at Thanksgiving my sister's boyfriend played taboo with our whole family. Poor guy never had a chance.

The only parody I've seen was "Hey There Cicada" (sp?) I'll have to check out the others...

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