Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Good news! I found a sweater. I'm pretty psyched.

Today is the most boring day of the week. We've just put out a publication - so it's kinda mindless prep for the next one. Plus it's a Tuesday, most people hate Monday's...I hate Tuesdays.

I'm trying to find gifts for my family. I wanted to buy Holly an ecosphere, but evidently a 4" ecosphere costs $53-$70. I'd like to buy it anyway...but realistically that isn't a good plan.

My siblings what such boring things too...books, dvds - not interesting. Not that I mind getting those things from people, but they're so boring to buy. Oh well, maybe I can entertain myself with creative wrapping.


Emily said...

So a magic sweater does exist!

Melody said...

Well, I wouldn't say it's a magic sweater, I don't exactly look svelte, but it doesn't make me look like I gain twenty pounds every time I put it on either.

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