Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Times: Angels & Demons & Jr. High

The evening before the youth retreat my roommate got a call letting us know we were going to be demons. Good to have a heads up right?

I met Robin's friends who are all a bit crazy and very comfortable being so. I really hate meeting new people. It's such an awkward process. But, every now and again you meet people that are just easy to be around and that's pretty nice.

Around 11 we went and got costumed up. I didn't know demons wore black cloaks and cowls, but evidently they do. Oh, and face paint - we had a lot of black face paint. Robin and I were just minion demons, but Bethany (Robin's good friend - not to be mistaken with my little sister Bethany) had a hefty sword. We didn't get to watch - but I'm pretty sure she smacked up the archangel pretty good with it.

This is the gist of the game. Dark church with strategically placed strobe lights and a jillion Jr. Highers wearing glow-necklaces. Their goal is to get into heaven (which, for the purposes of the game, is upstairs), but they have to go down through the basement first. They have to avoid the demons (who will nab them and drag them off to hell) and can be helped by angels who hand out appropriate bible verses (which they could use to get away), offer temporary protection and occasionaly just rip the child out of the demon's clutches. There was also a demon who was semi-disguised as an angel and would try to trick the kids into believing he was good.

No doubt some of you are already screaming "Theological inaccuracy!" I think there were a few children screaming that as well. I'm hoping that during our debriefing sessions they were having talks with the children on how games are not real life.

We played past 2 in the morning, chasing screaming children all around the church. I'm sure it was kind of creepy, we looked like we were appearing out of nowhere. Then there were the children who decided they wanted to go to hell. They followed us around begging to get thrown in, sneaking past the gaurds to get in (they got tossed out again). Another little girl came up to us all and asked our names. These children got ignored. It's hard to scare someone when they're inquiring about your health.

After the game was over we watched movies and played video games. Though some of the kids didn't feel like it was time to stop running around the church screaming, so they played tag.


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